Tinky Winky is the main antagonist of the game. He appears in the game in 3 different forms:


TINKY TANK [middle]


2012 plum boi

Tinky Winky's classic appearance is almost identical to his original counterpart in the Slendytubbies games, with the body mesh being a direct import from a gmod addon, which was taken from Slendytubbies V2 beta.

Tinky Tank's arm and leg meshes were taken from the Superhero package, since they make him seem very muscular. His antenna is a direct import from Slendytubbies 3, and his body texture is taken directly from Slendytubbies 2.

Minecraft Tinky Winky has a similar appearance to the previous model, but this one is far superior. His antenna is the same as his previous model's one.


All of the enemies in the game will wander around until you come within a certain distance from them, that varies depending on the enemy. For larger maps, the notice distance will be greater, and for smaller maps, it'll be smaller.

Steroid junkie
Block ass boi


Tinky Winky and Tinky Tank were previously made using an invisible zombie and a BillBoard GUI.

Tinky Winky (Minecraft) originally was made using a standard zombie, but adding a Teletubby TV decal (image) on his torso, changing the head's special mesh to a block mesh and adding a more pixel-y Tinky Winky face decal onto the head.