Tinky Winky is the main antagonist of the game. He appears in the game in 3 different forms:


TINKY TANK [middle]




Tinky Winky's face has no eyes, a human-like nose and mouth, and his teeth are showing. Tinky Winky is the same size as he was before he was demonised by the tubby custard, standing at 10ft tall. Tinky Tank is around 2x the size, coming in to a whopping 20ft! Tinky Winky (Minecraft) Is around 1.8 meters, the same as a Minecraft Zombie, which is the same size as a Minecraft player.


All 3 forms will try to touch you, which is how they kill you. If they do end up catching you, You will die (your character's humanoid health will be 0) and they will let off a scream. Both the original Tinky Winky and the Minecraft adaption let of this scream. Tinky Tank has the same scream, but is a lower speed and pitch.


Tinky Winky and Tinky Tank were previously made using an invisible zombie and a BillBoard GUI.

Tinky Winky (Minecraft) is made using a standard zombie, but adding a Teletubby TV decal (image) on his torso, changing the head's special mesh to a block mesh and adding a more pixely Tinky Winky face decal onto the head.

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