In the game, Po appears in 3 different forms


This version (top) got killed brutally by Tinky Winky. He shoved a knife into Po's brain and then proceeded to rip her eyes out and sew the skin. He then gave Po a Nose bleed. After that he stitched her mouth so it was smiling. She is the only victim to smile.

Pof copy


This Po (middle) is the enemy of Satellite station which is supposed to represent a necromorph from Dead Space. She is tall and she uses the pathfinding service. She also has a unique face which only her model uses.


The last variant (bottom) is very similar to Dipsy (Minecraft) and Laa Laa (Minecraft). The only differences are the face and body colours, as Laa Laa (Minecraft)'s wiki page description mentions.


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