With a new game (the original slendytubbies 2) comes new characters. I have deemed them as miscellaneous characters.


Headless Tubby

The Headless Tubby (top) is the enemy in The Teletubby Secret Center map. there is blood on the top of his torso where his head should be and he carries a chainsaw. The chainsaw makes revving sounds constantly. It's quiet at first but gets louder as you get closer. If he touches you, you hear a shorter chainsaw noise (which is him killing you). The chainsaw also has quite a lot of blood on it from the Teletubbies he's killed. He's the only enemy to carry a weapon.



The Newborn Minion (bottom) is what appears to be a clone of the white teletubby made by Tinky Winky, but incomplete. Their faces have eyes, but they have blood pouring out of them, and they are frowning quite a lot. They have no Teletubby TV (because it starts growing at the age of 5), no animal coat-type covering on their heads or arms, and no antenna (the antenna grows at age 10). They appear in the Teletubby Secret Lair and Teletubby Training maze.

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