There are 10 maps in the ROBLOX slendytubbies 2. (11 if you count the lobby)

They are:

Teletubby Secret Lair

Teletubby Secret center

Teletubby lake

Satellite Station

Teletubby land (day)

Teletubby land (night)

Teletubby outskirts

Teletubby Training maze


Slendytubbies (Classic)


The Teletubby Secret Lair is a lair where Newborn Minions are made. They are created by a machine made by Tinky Winky. It consists of large drainpipes on the walls, corridors, a green sky and is partially submerged in water.


The Teletubby Secret Center is a large factory-style building where the purpose is unknown. The map has 3 levels, which can be accessed through vents and ramps.


The teletubby lake is a place not far off of Teletubby land, as the windmill the teletubbies used to run to in the theme song is present. In the map, it is night time and rainy. If you go exploring, you will see Laa Laa's ball even though she isn't in the map when you play it.


The Satellite station is a giant spaceship-style facility which looks similar to one of the maps from Dead Space 2. It has long corridors and is made mostly out of metal.


Teletubby land has been partially submerged in water over 3 years due to rain every night. Most of it evaporated, but not all of it. The map takes place 3 years after the events of the original Slendytubbies, so there are the same "Landmarks" such as the dead Laa Laa, Po, Noo Noo and Dipsy. There is light green fog present and the sky is cloudy and matches the colour of the fog.


This is the same map as Teletubby land (day) but at night time. The only differences are that it is raining, there is a bit more land submerged in water and the green fog turns to darkness.


This map takes place far away from Teletubby land at night time. It's a very sand area, there are stones & rocks and a few fallen structures. No one knows what these structures were. Maybe they could have been part of a Teletubby town? Maybe there were more than the 4 teletubbies (5 if you include the white teletubby, the protagonist of the Slendytubbies series) that we know of? Who knows? Maybe Sean does?


This map is a large maze, and like the Teletubby Secret Center, the purpose is unknown. This is the most difficult map out of all of them.


TubbyCraft is a Minecraft version of the original Slendytubbies map, but at daytime. It's exactly the same but everything is made of Minecraft-style structures and textures.


This map is the original Slendytubbies map, but at night. In the original game, there were 3 modes: Day dusk and night. The map has the exact same textures, and is missing some of the gimmicks like Laa Laa standing up when the player gets close, and lying back down again. Another missing gimmick is the falling trees as well as the voice trumpet easter egg when approached, can be heard playing the song HEYYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH. Instead, there is a model of Rick Ashley dancing, with the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" which is also known as the 'rick roll' playing.

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